CoopTFD (Cooperative Transcription Factors Database) is a repository for 2622 yeast cooperative transcription factors pairs predicted by 17 existing algorithms. To help users judge the biological plausibility of a specific predicted cooperative transcription factor pair (PCTFP), CoopTFD provides five types of validation information:

1 the algorithms which predict this PCTFP
2 the publications which experimentally show that this PCTFP has physical or genetic interactions
3 the publications which experimentally study the biological roles of both TFs of this PCTFP
4 the common Gene Ontology (GO) terms of this PCTFP
5 the common target genes of this PCTFP

Update History

  • 2016 Mar.: Upgrade CoopTFD's interface and functionality.
  • 2016 Feb.: Update data sources from SGD, BioGRID and YEASTRACT.
  • 2016 Jan.: Release CoopTFD.
  • 2014 Dec.: Download data sources from SGD, BioGRID and YEASTRACT.
  • 2014 Sept.: Start CoopTFD project.
Last Updated: 03/11/2016